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Most students have had a love-hate experience or full-blown relationship with procrastination. We all come up with bizarre ways to bring ourselves fleeting moments of joy to temporarily dissolve our stress and productivity. When deadlines approach, though, these moments of lost time often become regrettable. Here are five tips to help you reduce this age-old practice.




Students often procrastinate because they think that they can put off the work for a while and enjoy their time at the moment. This thought tends to backfire, though, when the deadline becomes one day away and the essay has yet to be started. In order to stay on track, you should constantly set and update goals. It can be beneficial to mark all deadlines in a planner and think about how much time you need to meet them all. Update your plan for the upcoming two weeks so that you do not get overwhelmed, and continue to update as other assignments and events arise. Additionally, make a daily schedule in order to reach necessary goals before going to bed.




It can become extremely difficult to work for hours straight in order to finish school work. In order to keep productivity and sanity levels up, set breaks at the end of a period of time or once you finish a section of your work so that you can reward yourself with some deserved, scheduled, and controlled procrastination-like activities; have a coffee with a friend, cook, or watch an episode of a television show. Breaks like these are proven to increase productivity and keep you focused, and they will make the process of studying much more bearable!




Sometimes you may begin to think that the reading that you are doing, the assignment that you are writing, or the lab that you are performing do not pertain to what you ultimately want to do. You may consider some work or a class pointless and not useful to your further studies. However, when these thoughts arise and you think that getting a pint is a better idea than getting a good grade, remind yourself what the ultimate goal of your schooling is. Remind yourself why you wanted to go to school and take this program in the first place. Evaluate your priorities in a serious manner and you may understand why you should focus on completing your work and postpone the pint until the weekend.




Some of the most common distractions are those found on the internet – social media sites, websites with listicles, and videos. (Perhaps you even use KanDongSee to procrastinate…) If you do not need the internet to do your work, turn it off so that you are not receiving notifications while completing your work, and you are not as tempted to search for sites with quizzes that determine the type of bread that you are. The same goes for your cell phone; you can take a break from being connected to the cyber world in order to do your school work. If you feel the need to check messages and websites often, set times when you will allow yourself to do so rather than constantly staying connected.

互联网里盘踞着最常见的诱惑——社交网站,挂着listicles(有趣的图、文、视频,类似某些豆瓣小组)的网页以及视频。(或许“看东西”也能用来消磨时光……)如果不是非要上网才能学习,赶紧断网吧,这样就不会被新通知打扰,不会禁不住做一些“类型断定” 的小测验。对待电话也是如此;给自己一段清静的时光,抽离虚拟世界,专注于功课。如果有必要经常查看信息或网站,定好查看节点,不要在网上浪费时间。



Being productive for all hours of every day does not work – you do need breaks, and as a student you are entitled to have a lot of fun. So, in order to balance productivity and amusement, plan times to go out with friends or do something relaxing to complement your school work. Ideally, social and relaxation plans should be made for after a significant portion of work is complete. This way, while you are working, you can keep in mind that once you are finished your work you can go out and not worry about your assignments.